Anasayfa Bölümler Sayılar Alparslan Kuytul Yalnız Değildir! (Sayı 82) What Are The Reasons For The Actıon Taken Agaınts Alparslan Kuytul And The Furkan Movement?

What Are The Reasons For The Actıon Taken Agaınts Alparslan Kuytul And The Furkan Movement?

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Throughout his life Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul has been openly calling everyone to the cause of Tawhid (La ilaha illalah). In order to discredit the great success of this wakeup call to tawhid, a lot of obstacles, slandering, blackmailing had been put in place. Yet Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul has succeeded in maintaining Tawhid at the top of the agenda despite to all injusticesst. They neither succeeded in intimidating him nor preventing his voice from being heard from afar.

After failing to suppress the voice of the truth with this honourless act, they had started putting forward allegations to pave the way for them to arrest and put him in custody. Knowing very well that Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul will continue to preach the truth without fear or compromise, despite the cruelty meted out to him and his Furkan Movement, they decided to imprison him with false accusations. They may have the power(!) to imprison his body but they will never have the power to imprison the call to the cause of the tawhid made by Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul. This is because the truth is capable of breaking through any shield even if it is made from steel irrespective of its thickness.


Refusal of the ruling AKP government to release the Public Sports Complex to Furkan Movement in 2014 was the beginning of the hinderance process. This is a black stain in the administration of the AKP. Left with no option, the Furkan Movement started holding conferences in Wedding Halls (which has lower capacity compared to the Sports Complexes). The hidden forces got irritated and went further to intimidate the proprietors of these wedding halls against lending their premises to the Furkan Movement. Most of these proprietors bowed down to pressure and started cancelling our programs at the last minute.

This became a country wide norm. Police later started arresting and intimidating people who were installing banners and posters for our conferences. The arrested people were assaulted in some cases. They started seizing conference handouts as well. Owners of TV stations who entered into agreement with the Furkan Movement to broadcast our live conferences were also intimidated. These are some of the measures taken to silence the wakeup call for tawhid.

Following a dawn raid conducted by the special forces on Tuesday January 30,2018, 24 members of the Furkan Movement were arrested together with the founding leader Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul. They were detained for 10 days by the police without any tangible reason. To the surprise of the presiding judge, there wasn’t even a single crime in the records of the defendants and yet, he sent four of the arrested members together with Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul to prison. According to Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul, his activities were hindered due to two main reasons: first and foremost, the enemies of Islam were disturbed by the wakeup call for tawhid he had put in place. Second reason was his criticism of the wrong policies pursued by the ruling AKP government.


The slanderer are accustomed to persecution and yet they don’t want the real motives behind their actions to be known by public. Their actual target is to stop the propagation of Tawhid completely. Knowing very well that the public, being Muslims, will go against this intention. They therefore started accusing Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul of being a traitor and having links to Fetullah Gülen, ISIL and other terrorist groups. This is aimed to prevent people from sympathising with Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul and the Furkan Movement.

We are quite aware that at this point in time, all religious leaders in this country preaching Tawhid in the proper way will be slandered. Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul is going through these injustices just for preaching Tawhid and saying, “Allah’s will must be done on Allah’s Earth”. Preaching Tawhid does not go down well with a section of these people.

Sheikh Alparslan Kuytul would have become the beloved religious leader on TV and everywhere in the country had he preached Islam under the umbrella of secularism. There wouldn’t have be anything like arresting and putting him in custody.
History had proved that “Tawhid is like an atomic bomb and will always shatter all forms of polytheism”.
When we make the effective statements below;
“Allah’s will must be done on Allah’s Earth”,

“Who knows better than everyone? Is it humans or Allah”,

“Who has the right to govern this earth? Is it Allah or humans?”, the main motives of the hidden powers come to light and everyone sees the flaws of the system. Furthermore, the answers to these statements shakes the foundation of the system they had setup. This therefore irritates the hidden powers and as a result they try to silence the Furkan Movement.


Today, there is a clear struggle against our movement and great efforts are made to mute us. But at the end, Allah’s will be done. Our prophet Muhammad (May Peace and Allah’s Mercy be on him) had been slandered in even a worse manner as we see it today. Still the result of the struggle put up by our prophet against these slanderers was clear. Hasn’t everyone see the truth at the end? We will also remain steadfast till we are understood.

Those who are trying to drag our name into the mud will not succeed. All those who love and care for our leader should be at ease because this issue will end up in a good way.

By Allah’s will, we will continue from where we left off.

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